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Telemarketing Training- Telephone as a Sales Tool



Telemarketing Training can help those who use the telephone as a major component within their role.


Specific learning objectives include:
  • Learning ways to build trust and respect.
  • Learning how to warm up your sales approach to reduce your fear of cold calling.
  • Identify ways to make a positive first impression.
  • Identify strategies that help you speak to the decision-maker.
  • Create a script to maximize your efficiency on the phone.
  • Learn what to say to create interest, handle objections, and close the sale.

The telephone is an effective communication medium that, if used effectively, can generate a large amount of leads. Through the use of the telephone, telemarketing is a personal and direct marketing means. This one day session will teach participants how to effectively approach a marketing telephone call and be able to build trust and loyalty from new or existing customers.