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Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams


This Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams Course is to designed to create a team environment and illustrate the need for a highly motivated and highly supportive team environment. Great for those leading and involved in team work.


This course will help teach participants:
  • How to co-operate for a greater purpose
  • How to use communication techniques to effectively deliver a message
  • How different personalities interact and how they can benefit each other
  • People skills to build strong relationships and a strong team environment
  • Following strategies together to reach a common goal
  • How to enjoy being part of a team
  • How individuals have an impact on others

How do you cope being part of a team? Do some people pull their weight while others seem to ignore the team effort? How do you motivate different personalities within a team? We answer these questions and more in this course designed for employer groups or teams.