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Marketing & Sales Training: Marketing For Results



This Marketing & Sales Training Course is to help marketing focused professionals to better understand how to market in a competitive environment and use new marketing tools such as press releases, online directories and many new marketing techniques.


This course will help teach participants:
  • How to take advantage of marketing tools 
  • Promoting on a personal level and understanding peoples wants
  • Communicating your message effectively
  • Sales techniques to maximise results with minimal effort
  • Marketing or Selling: Which one will work better for your products and services
  • Why some marketing campaigns fail
  • Creating the impression you want with your marketing

In the time we live in we have an array of techniques we could market our businesses. Which ones work? Why look to the online marketing today? How do you make the most our of your marketing and sales? We answer these questions and more in this course designed for employer groups or teams.