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Intermediate Project Management Online Course



This Intermediate Project Management Course can help with looking at the budgeting, scheduling, preparing of Project Management. For the full outline download the PDF version to the side.


This course will help teach participants how to:
  • Identify their project’s tasks and resources
  • Order tasks using the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule tasks effectively
  • Use basic planning tools such as a Gantt chart, PERT diagram, and network diagram
  • Prepare a project budget
  • Modify the project budget and schedule to meet targets
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Prepare a final project plan
  • Execute and terminate a project
  • Develop and manage a change control process

Identifying and managing risk is a large part of project management. This session identifies some great points in project management. By scheduling tasks effectively and using planning tools project management can become easier and more effective.