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Business Leadership Training- Management Material




This Business Leadership Training is great for those looking to take the lead. This course covers all major areas of managing employees, leading a team and having the qualities of a Manager.


This training option can help teach participants how to:
  • Master Peter Senge’s five disciplines
  • Add Kouzes and Posner’s five practices to their life
  • Build trust with their employees
  • Develop key management skills, including change management, time management, critical thinking, delegation, problem solving, presentation strategies, communications, strategic planning, and feedback techniques
  • Use Robert Cialdini’s six influence strategies to their advantage

Management can be thought of as doing things right, whereas leadership can be seen as doing the right things. Leaders do more than instruct and delegate, they teach, inspire, influence, encourage and show the way by example. This one day course will give you the skills to lead and seize opportunities for the better. Progress does not occur unless there is some form of leadership to initiate it.